SOL Y2, D16: Joy

Blue and I headed out for a “walk” this afternoon. I use the term “walk” loosely, as our walks mostly consist of me pulling things he shouldn’t eat out of his mouth, scooping him up when we see other dogs (he doesn’t have all of his shots yet), and Blue deciding to turn around, or left, or right, to follow any person who might be a new friend. Nevertheless, the sun was shining and I was determined to enjoy some fresh air with my puppy.

After walking down to the beach where Blue made many new friends and adoring fans, we headed back home by way of a big play field. With all the open space Blue is free to frolic, lope, and race around in any way he pleases (while still tethered to a long leash). But our favorite is when we can play chase. Usually this means I run backwards and Blue bounds after me…ears flapping, tail wagging, mouth smiling. When he reaches me. he darts between my legs or leaps in circles to the side.  And all I can think is, this is pure joy. Chasing, jumping, sliding, circling, wagging joy.


8 thoughts on “SOL Y2, D16: Joy

  1. Your puppy posts make me smile. My sister’s old yellow lab was named Blue. He was such a love, just like it seems your little pup is turning out to be. Nothing better than pure puppy pleasure.


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