SOL Y2, D27: Binge Watching

My mom does not really watch much TV. She’d much rather be reading. The paper (she receives 2 every day). A magazine (Time, National Geographic, Bon Apetit…).  A book (I inherited my need to be surrounded by books from her). Or out in the garden. Or walking the dog. Or…doing almost anything else.  The only time she really chooses to turn on the TV is when she’s folding laundry or ironing.

So, when she had surgery recently and was not allowed to do her normal activities, I taught her how to binge watch. Spoiler alert: she’s not very good at it!

The first few days post-surgery she couldn’t concentrate very well, so reading only last so long. I introduced her to Mozart in the Jungle on Amazon Prime. It was perfect. Episodes are short (less than 30 minutes). She would watch two episodes and be done. But she proudly announced to her friends that she was learning how to binge watch TV.

This made me laugh. Two 30 minute episodes does not a binge watcher make. But I loved her attitude about it, as I know if she were feeling better she’d rather be doing anything else.

SOL Y2, D26: Saturday Morning

I never sleep late on weekends. Sleeping in is just not part of my DNA. However, that doesn’t mean I always get going right away. I love getting up, making coffee, and enjoying some time on my own before my husband gets up. I’m awake, but I’m pretty lazy.

This morning that wasn’t an option though. I got up early with Blue and while he ate his breakfast I made sure I ate mine too. We had to get to our favorite 3 year old’s birthday party at 10, which meant I needed to get my 8 mile run in before we left. I thought about putting it off, but knew that it wouldn’t happen if I did. So at 7:00 I laced up my shoes and stepped out the door and began my run.

And I’m so happy I did!

The early morning was gray but as time and miles clicked by the sky brightened, birds chirped, and the world came alive. It was truly breathtaking and I would have missed it if I’d stayed cozy in my living room.

Sometimes the hardest part of going for a run is getting out the door. But once I’m out there it’s always worth it.

SOL Y2, D24: He’s a Goof

I’m sitting here trying to write my slice of life.

Blue is lounging and my husband is rolling out his muscles with the foam roller.

I’ve been sitting here for a while. Staring blankly at the screen. Too tired to really think.

So my husband begins to sing

“It’s nearly 8 o’clock and I’m trying to write my blog

before I’m too tired to keep my eyes open

but I don’t know what to write…”

And on he goes. So now I’m laughing and at least have a little moment to capture. I so appreciate that my husband find creative ways to get me out of my head and smiling.

Thanks, love.

SOL Y2, D23: Girl Scout Cookies

It’s that time of year.

You know, when teachers are tired, kids need more sun and less rain, and everyone’s patience seems to have worn thin.

Oh, yeah, and it’s Girl Scout Cookie season.


As an instructional coach I have been bringing Girl Scout Cookies to my meetings with teachers as a sort of peace offering.

They seem to say, “I know you’re tired and it feels like there’s always so much work to do, but have a little treat and it won’t seem to bad.”

They seem to know, “Oh, yeah, you’re being asked to assess your kids again and prepare them for a big assessment that seems totally unreasonable for a 9 year-old, but I’m sugary and sweet and can help you forget your worries for a moment.”

And they definitely shout, “Eat me! I’m delicious! I’m just what you need at this time of year!”

I hope the teachers I work with know that I see how hard they work. I hope they know that their tireless efforts to make learning engaging for their students don’t go unnoticed. I hope they feel appreciated.

And I hope the Girl Scout Cookies feel like a perfect little treat at this time of the year.

SOL Y2, D22: Back on the Track

I am finally running pain free again…wooohooo!!!

My workouts are still modified, but I’m getting back to where I was, which makes me very happy.

So at tonight’s track workout I got to run at pace again. And as an added bonus, it was light out, the sun was shining, and it felt like spring.

Feeling back on track.

SOL Y2, D21: Oh, No!

The clock reads 8:56 PM.

I have not written my slice of life for the day.

I’ve been up since 5:00 AM.

Played with my puppy before I left for work.

Worked with teachers to meet their students’ needs.

Raced home to play with a puppy and tire him out.

Cooked dinner.

Gathered tax documents.

Scheduled a long overdue date day for me and my husband.

Reported our missed trash collection.

Grabbed the mail.

But I have not had a moment to think of what I should write.

Oh, No!

SOL Y2, D20: Junk Drawer

Today I cleaned out our junk drawer.

If you ask my husband, everything in that drawer belongs to me. I was happy to be proved otherwise. Here’s what I found:


Countless writing utensils – markers, pencils, pens, highlighters

One mystery key

3 medals from various races

A bajillion paper clips

Check book registers


Cords for every possible electronic device you can imagine

Directions and warranties for every possible electronic device you can imagine



Screw driver


Spare light bulbs

Spare batteries

Extra rubber bands

And now we’re organized and rid of a few things we no longer need.  And it wasn’t all my junk! 🙂

SOL Y2, D19: Food Maze

Blue LOVES food. Put food in his bowl, blink, and the bowl is empty. In an effort to get him to slow down a bit we bought a new bowl that is like a maze.

It looks like this:

Outward Hound Kyjen  51006 Fun Feeder Slow Feed Interactive Bloat Stop Dog Bowl, Small, Teal

When we first gave him dinner in his new bowl he was totally bewildered. He could no longer just inhale his food and be done. He had to work for it. He’d try to take a few bites and then look at me and my husband as if to say, “Okay, jerks, this is NOT funny. What are you doing to me?” But her persevered and ate his dinner.

Now it seems a little bit more like a game to him, though probably still a slightly infuriating. And on the upside, he’s also getting a little exercise while he eats. He goes round and round and round his bowl as he tries to get each piece of kibble out and into his tummy.