SOL Y2, D17: Early morning.

5:01 AM – alarm goes off, which was entirely unnecessary since I’d been up since 3:40 with Blue, “man, I wish I was in bed.”

5:02 AM – feed Blue breakfast, “where does he get all this energy?”

5:07 AM – change into running clothes.

5:10 AM – brush teeth.

5:15 AM – say good bye to Blue, “what a good boy! I’ll see you soon.”

5:16 AM – start car, turn on heated seats, pretend like I’m not cold, “come on heater!”

5:20 AM – back out of driveway into dark alley, “I hope Mr. Man cat is safe at home.”

5:21 AM – turn onto Alki, head to the water taxi parking lot.

5:27 AM – pull into parking lot, look at running companions still sitting in warm cars, “hmmm…who’s going to open their door first? Kathy? Nadine? Me?!”

5:30 AM – pow wow with coach, “I’m not cold, I’m not cold.”

5:35 AM – run, hands tucked inside sleeves, breath little puffs of white, “I’m not cold, I’m not cold.”

5:45 AM – one foot in front of the other, warmer, hands peeking out of sleeves, “hey, that’s a cute dog.”

5:55 AM – arms pump, unzip my jacket just a bit, “huh, more people out and about than I’d figure.”

6:00 AM – feet, arms, breath – a steady rhythm.

6:15 AM – back to the parking lot, “look at that beautiful city and the beginnings of daylight.”

6:30 AM – home, “hi Blue!”


4 thoughts on “SOL Y2, D17: Early morning.

  1. This is another very creative structure! I love how the minute-by-minute play makes it feel like you’re giving us lots of detail, but the short phrases you use make it fly by quickly. Very cool 🙂


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