SOL Y2, D23: Girl Scout Cookies

It’s that time of year.

You know, when teachers are tired, kids need more sun and less rain, and everyone’s patience seems to have worn thin.

Oh, yeah, and it’s Girl Scout Cookie season.


As an instructional coach I have been bringing Girl Scout Cookies to my meetings with teachers as a sort of peace offering.

They seem to say, “I know you’re tired and it feels like there’s always so much work to do, but have a little treat and it won’t seem to bad.”

They seem to know, “Oh, yeah, you’re being asked to assess your kids again and prepare them for a big assessment that seems totally unreasonable for a 9 year-old, but I’m sugary and sweet and can help you forget your worries for a moment.”

And they definitely shout, “Eat me! I’m delicious! I’m just what you need at this time of year!”

I hope the teachers I work with know that I see how hard they work. I hope they know that their tireless efforts to make learning engaging for their students don’t go unnoticed. I hope they feel appreciated.

And I hope the Girl Scout Cookies feel like a perfect little treat at this time of the year.


2 thoughts on “SOL Y2, D23: Girl Scout Cookies

  1. Your teachers are lucky to have a coach who is concious of making sure they know they and their work are appreciated–by you and their students. It’s little things, like Girl Scout Cookies, that communicate those feeling 🙂


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