SOL Y2, D27: Binge Watching

My mom does not really watch much TV. She’d much rather be reading. The paper (she receives 2 every day). A magazine (Time, National Geographic, Bon Apetit…).  A book (I inherited my need to be surrounded by books from her). Or out in the garden. Or walking the dog. Or…doing almost anything else.  The only time she really chooses to turn on the TV is when she’s folding laundry or ironing.

So, when she had surgery recently and was not allowed to do her normal activities, I taught her how to binge watch. Spoiler alert: she’s not very good at it!

The first few days post-surgery she couldn’t concentrate very well, so reading only last so long. I introduced her to Mozart in the Jungle on Amazon Prime. It was perfect. Episodes are short (less than 30 minutes). She would watch two episodes and be done. But she proudly announced to her friends that she was learning how to binge watch TV.

This made me laugh. Two 30 minute episodes does not a binge watcher make. But I loved her attitude about it, as I know if she were feeling better she’d rather be doing anything else.


2 thoughts on “SOL Y2, D27: Binge Watching

  1. Your mom sounds adorable! This is a sweet way to capture the frustration of recovering from surgery! Maybe she needs to listen to books on tape or on Audible instead. 🙂


  2. My mother also had surgery recently and was very limited for several weeks. While she was living with us I set her up to watch The Crown. She could only binge watch while I was there because she just could not figure out how to stream! We tried audio books too – again, great if I was there to get her connected but she just could not figure it out. Fortunately, she is healed and moving and back to her newspapers and library books.


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