SOL Y2, D26: Saturday Morning

I never sleep late on weekends. Sleeping in is just not part of my DNA. However, that doesn’t mean I always get going right away. I love getting up, making coffee, and enjoying some time on my own before my husband gets up. I’m awake, but I’m pretty lazy.

This morning that wasn’t an option though. I got up early with Blue and while he ate his breakfast I made sure I ate mine too. We had to get to our favorite 3 year old’s birthday party at 10, which meant I needed to get my 8 mile run in before we left. I thought about putting it off, but knew that it wouldn’t happen if I did. So at 7:00 I laced up my shoes and stepped out the door and began my run.

And I’m so happy I did!

The early morning was gray but as time and miles clicked by the sky brightened, birds chirped, and the world came alive. It was truly breathtaking and I would have missed it if I’d stayed cozy in my living room.

Sometimes the hardest part of going for a run is getting out the door. But once I’m out there it’s always worth it.


3 thoughts on “SOL Y2, D26: Saturday Morning

  1. Good for you! Your final line really connects to the reader–doesn’t it seem like that is true for almost anything? It is usually getting started that is the hardest, but worth it in the end.


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