SOL Day 26 – The Moon

I’m always amazed by the coming and going of the moon. I love watching it go from a small sliver in the sky to a full ball of light. Tonight as I looked at the moon and thought how quickly it had grown since I noticed it on Saturday, I was reminded of one of my favorite childhood books…The Bossy Hawaiian Moon. In the manner of great folk tales, the book explain why the moon only shines full on some nights. You see, there was a time when the moon was bossy and proud and wanted everyone to look in the night sky and notice his beauty. He pushed the stars out of the way, not letting them shine. The stars were very sad and went to the winds to seek help. The winds mustered up their strength and blew big billowing clouds to block out the moon’s light. Try as he might, he could not shine through. Finally, a very frustrated moon agreed to share the sky with stars. And so that he never got too proud again, it was decided that there would be times when he wouldn’t shine at all and the stars would fill the night sky. I love thinking about the stars and moon having to find a balance in the sky, a way to share the spotlight. I’m glad the bossy moon learned his lesson.


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