SOL Day 27 – Home

Taking on the see-saw structure from the “Be Inspired” on day 25.

Home. 20 minutes away.

Home. 2 and a half hours of driving.

The final descent offers beautiful views of snow capped mountains and a sparkling sea.

The final push includes three steep hills, tinged green in the spring, brown the rest of the year, ending in a big open valley.

A block away from the bay, with a perfect running path. Quiet in the winter, crazy in the summer.

A few blocks from the park where I once split my lip open sledding, hit endless tennis balls, and ran countless cross country races.

My fiance waits. The future is in front of us, memories waiting to be made.

My parents wait. In the house I lived in for 18 years, filled with countless memories.

Home. Where I will blossom and grow.

Home. Where my roots live.


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