SOL Day 25 – Before That

Stealing a structure from my friend and colleague Adrienne over at Walking the Walk (

RIGHT NOW, I’m sitting in my overheated living room (we’re drying out our newly cleaned carpets),¬†anticipating a sliced apple with peanut butter.

BEFORE THAT, I was doing the dishes from dinner.

BEFORE THAT, I was scarfing down the dinner I cooked.

BEFORE THAT, I was at the grocery store, figuring out what in the world I could make for dinner and then having a delightful conversation with chatty checker.

BEFORE THAT, I was shopping for a wedding present for my dear friend, Gretchen, anticipating her special day on Saturday.

BEFORE THAT, I was participating in my final learning experience with a group of great fifth and sixth grade teachers, reflecting on the learning we’d done this year.

BEFORE THAT, I was enjoying a great cup of coffee.

Thanks Adrienne, I needed the structure to get a post out tonight.

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