SOL Day 24 – Decisions

I am a terrible decision maker. Not in that I make bad decisions, but in that I’m incredibly indecisive and just flat out HATE making decisions.

I’m currently in the middle of a major life event that is testing the limits of my decision making skills – planning a wedding. The amount of decisions you have to make is staggering to me. And while I know that it will eventually all come together and whatever we end up choosing will work out fine, I’ve still agonized over what to do and making the “right” choice.

I’m not normally a list person. They’re just not for me. I lose them. I misplace them and find them weeks later. I make them and never look at them again. But I have to say, each time I check something off the list of wedding planning, I feel a little lighter.

Date – check

Venue – check

Caterer – check

Florist – check

DJ – check

Officiant – check

Wedding dress – check

Photographer – check

Invitations – check

I won’t include the list of those things left to do, as I don’t want to think of those unmade decisions today. Today I’ll just be happy that many things are decided and done and feel a little lighter.


4 thoughts on “SOL Day 24 – Decisions

  1. My teaching partner was planning her wedding all last year. Never having been married, I had no idea who much there was to do. It was fun talking to her about it and helping her celebrate her progress. You seem to have made a lot of decisions already.


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