SOL Day 10 – Insprired

Trying out the “Be Inspired” today. I liked the format of Currently, so that’s what I’m going with.


sipping a drink, feet up, relaxing

listening to the sounds of my brand new neighbors crashing around their home

reading The Lowland, most recent release from Jhumpa Lahiri…a favorite author of mine

feeling a little blue

wanting a day to myself, no expectations, no plans, just me

wearing a cozy sweatshirt and my fuzzy warm slippers

thinking I really need to set my alarm early enough to go for a run

wondering will it all work out?


2 thoughts on “SOL Day 10 – Insprired

  1. I can relate to the “Wanting” line. That would be so nice. Interesting how you can tell us so much yet leave so much unsaid ….like with your lines “feeling blue” and “wondering if it will all work out”


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