SOL Day 9 – Garbage Day

Mondays are garbage days. Pretty exciting, huh?  Well, maybe not to you or to me, but they were the best (and the worst) for my dog, Dodger.

Garbage days mean lots of noise as everyone rolls their garbage cans, recycle bins, and yard waste bins to the alley. And lots of noise always meant lots to patrol for Dodger. Each can and bin that rolled out to the alley deserved attention.  It didn’t matter where we were or what we were doing, Dodger’s ears always perked up at the first rumblings of wheels on concrete. The perk was always followed by a low growl (no barking in the house) that traveled with him as he raced down the stairs and out the dog door to bark at those rolling bins. Dodger told them. He made sure we’d never be surprised by a neighbor putting out or taking their garbage. And he probably gave a few of our neighbors heart attacks in the process.

Now I hear the first rumblings of wheels on concrete and my heart sinks a little because Dodger’s no longer here to tell them who’s boss.


4 thoughts on “SOL Day 9 – Garbage Day

  1. Oh, I was smiling all the way through this slice as our dog loves to take the bins up to he driveway on Monday with us too, and then I read your last line. So sad. They are such a big part of our lives and their little ways stay with us don’t they.


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