SOL Y2, D13: Daylight Savings Time

Time changes in the spring and fall don’t normally bother me. Yeah, it’s a little annoying to lose and hour of sleep and nice to gain one, but overall, I cope well and move on.

But not this year, for some reason. The entire day time has moved in an odd way. I think it’s one time and it’s an hour later or an hour earlier. I swear I got up with Blue at 5:00 the new time and before I realized it was after 6:00 and it did not feel like we’d been playing for over an hour.

My husband got home from work around 3:00 and we took Blue for a walk and gave him and bath and suddenly it was nearly 6:00.

Now as I sit and type this, it’s nearing 8:00.

What happened to today?  I don’t feel like any time was saved. In fact, quite the opposite.


6 thoughts on “SOL Y2, D13: Daylight Savings Time

  1. I totally agree! This time change seemed to exaggerate the day. The morning seemed so long but this afternoon just zipped by. Weird. I love the way you juxtaposed the last two sentences.


  2. I’ve found the last couple of years, I’ve been more sensitive to the “spring ahead” of March. I’m pretty sure it’s another sign that I’m getting old, but, who knows? 🙂 And I’d agree, I don’t think time was saved at all!


  3. I love the last line about not feeling like any time was saved. I’ve never really analyzed or thought much about the term “daylight savings”. Hope tomorrow feels a bit more normal!


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