SOL Day 4 – Heart-Breaker

When I was young adults would look at me, smiles on their faces, and say, “Oh, you’ll be a heart-breaker someday!” And my lip would start to quiver, my eyes would fill with tears.  All I could think was, “How awful! To break people’s hearts! When I grow up, that will never be me!” (Okay, so maybe I was a very literal child.) To me, there could be nothing worse, than growing up to be a heart-breaker.

As I continue to grow up (I’m convinced I’ll never quite be done), I hope this has been the case.  I hope I’ve treated people with the kindness they deserve. I hope that those who’ve entrusted me with their hearts believe I care for them well.  I hope the ideals of that literal little girl are being upheld. I hope I’m not a heart-breaker.


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