SOL Day 3 – Language

Once, long ago, I spoke Chinese. My mom spoke Chinese too. My sister didn’t. My brother didn’t. My dad didn’t. Just the two of us.

We spoke Chinese in a sun-filled kitchen while eating pb&j at a tiny table set for two. We spoke Chinese while sharing popcorn, gazing out the window, waiting for the first glimpse of my brother and sister to return from school. We spoke Chinese in the quiet waking moments after a nap. Just the two of us.

We don’t speak Chinese anymore. We’ve forgotten how. But we continue talks at tables set for two. We share popcorn in the afternoon. And we enjoy the quiet moments. Just the two of us.



10 thoughts on “SOL Day 3 – Language

  1. The foreign language forged a bond that you are so lucky to have maintained throughout your lifetime. The repetition of the line so powerfully demonstrates your closeness.


  2. I loved your story. I really connected with it. I feel like I have a special bond with my mom too and can’t wait to share one with my daughter (when I have kids). Thanks so much for sharing!


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