SOL Day 17 – Catching Up

Today is a day to catch up on all the things I’ve been too busy or distracted to do.

At work I played catch up on my field notes from working with teachers. So many full days of learning with teachers in a row. Today I tried to capture the essence of our time together, value their thoughts and insights, and remind us of where we want to go.

At lunch I got to catch up with colleagues that I’m often too busy to really see. It was glorious to have an hour to chat, discuss, and figure out the secret world peace (yes, we’re that good, or so we believe).

In front of me a pile of mail awaits. I’ve let it sit too long. Today I will open it all. Pay the bills, shred the junk, peruse the catalogs. I will get caught up.

Today is a great day to play catch up, but maybe not my greatest day of writing.


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