SOL Y2, D18: Spring

Today felt like spring.

Blue skies

White wisps of cloud

Bursts of colorful buds lining sidewalks

Baseball in the park

Short sleeves

Bare ankles

Grey skies and rain showers forgotten

Today felt like spring.


SOL Y2, D17: Early morning.

5:01 AM – alarm goes off, which was entirely unnecessary since I’d been up since 3:40 with Blue, “man, I wish I was in bed.”

5:02 AM – feed Blue breakfast, “where does he get all this energy?”

5:07 AM – change into running clothes.

5:10 AM – brush teeth.

5:15 AM – say good bye to Blue, “what a good boy! I’ll see you soon.”

5:16 AM – start car, turn on heated seats, pretend like I’m not cold, “come on heater!”

5:20 AM – back out of driveway into dark alley, “I hope Mr. Man cat is safe at home.”

5:21 AM – turn onto Alki, head to the water taxi parking lot.

5:27 AM – pull into parking lot, look at running companions still sitting in warm cars, “hmmm…who’s going to open their door first? Kathy? Nadine? Me?!”

5:30 AM – pow wow with coach, “I’m not cold, I’m not cold.”

5:35 AM – run, hands tucked inside sleeves, breath little puffs of white, “I’m not cold, I’m not cold.”

5:45 AM – one foot in front of the other, warmer, hands peeking out of sleeves, “hey, that’s a cute dog.”

5:55 AM – arms pump, unzip my jacket just a bit, “huh, more people out and about than I’d figure.”

6:00 AM – feet, arms, breath – a steady rhythm.

6:15 AM – back to the parking lot, “look at that beautiful city and the beginnings of daylight.”

6:30 AM – home, “hi Blue!”

SOL Y2, D16: Joy

Blue and I headed out for a “walk” this afternoon. I use the term “walk” loosely, as our walks mostly consist of me pulling things he shouldn’t eat out of his mouth, scooping him up when we see other dogs (he doesn’t have all of his shots yet), and Blue deciding to turn around, or left, or right, to follow any person who might be a new friend. Nevertheless, the sun was shining and I was determined to enjoy some fresh air with my puppy.

After walking down to the beach where Blue made many new friends and adoring fans, we headed back home by way of a big play field. With all the open space Blue is free to frolic, lope, and race around in any way he pleases (while still tethered to a long leash). But our favorite is when we can play chase. Usually this means I run backwards and Blue bounds after me…ears flapping, tail wagging, mouth smiling. When he reaches me. he darts between my legs or leaps in circles to the side.  And all I can think is, this is pure joy. Chasing, jumping, sliding, circling, wagging joy.

SOL Y2, D15: Baby Steps

Today I ran again. I didn’t run far, I didn’t run fast, but I ran.

It’s been so amazing training with coaches for the first time since, well, probably high school. It’s nice to know there is someone you can check in with when things are going well and when you’re experiencing challenges. It’s nice to be held accountable to getting runs done and taking care of yourself.

Both of my coaches were at the track tonight. They checked in on my well-being, they were thoughtful about what I could do, and they named next steps. (Being the workshop dork I am, I’m reflecting that it was a bit like a conference, but that’s not really the point.) I felt supported, encouraged, and like I was getting back on track.

So, today I ran again. I didn’t run far, I didn’t run fast, but I ran.

SOL Y2, D14: Counting

Trying out today’s inspiration – counting 10 simple pleasures in my life.

One loving husband who makes me laugh and smile.

Two strong legs that run from here to there.

Three books I’m currently devouring.

Four giant paws on my adorable puppy.

Five days this week to learn something new.

Six fabulous co-workers to support and push my work.

Seven weeks to go until my next half marathon.

Eight hours I hope to sleep (I’m being very optimistic).

Nine minutes of quiet to relax and unwind.

Ten freshly painted fingers bringing a touch of bright to a rainy day.

SOL Y2, D13: Daylight Savings Time

Time changes in the spring and fall don’t normally bother me. Yeah, it’s a little annoying to lose and hour of sleep and nice to gain one, but overall, I cope well and move on.

But not this year, for some reason. The entire day time has moved in an odd way. I think it’s one time and it’s an hour later or an hour earlier. I swear I got up with Blue at 5:00 the new time and before I realized it was after 6:00 and it did not feel like we’d been playing for over an hour.

My husband got home from work around 3:00 and we took Blue for a walk and gave him and bath and suddenly it was nearly 6:00.

Now as I sit and type this, it’s nearing 8:00.

What happened to today?  I don’t feel like any time was saved. In fact, quite the opposite.

SOL Y2, D12: Taking the Long Way

I’m currently listening to a book on CD in my car – The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. And I’m hooked. Each time I turn on my car I find myself transported to France in the midst of World War II. I’m totally wrapped up in the stories of two strong, fierce women existing in maddeningly horrifying times. I wipe silent tear from cheeks at stoplights, gasp in surprise or terror, and cheer for each accomplishment.

Because I’m so engrossed, I’ve been taking the long way everywhere. I travel back roads home, hoping for red lights. I leave a little early for work and sit in the parking lot soaking in a little more of the story before starting my day. And I will admit to finding the most circuitous route to the grocery store.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to bear getting back in my car when the story ends, to return to the hurried, rushed driving routines that are more often than not a part of my day. I suppose I’ll just enjoy the long way for now.

SOL Y2, D11: Inside the Puppy-gon

We’ve created a place for Blue to sleep and play when we’re away from home.  His trustworthiness is still circumspect, so he does not have full run of the house unsupervised. I call his space the “puppy-gon,” as it is an octagon shape and puppy-gon makes me smile.

This morning as I attempted to sweep up the debris that has become a constant part of our lives – dirt, leaves, small pieces of cardboard, torn up paper bags – you know, usual puppy detritus, I found myself inside the puppy-gon and Blue on the outside.

You see, Blue thinks the broom is a fantastic toy. It moves in just the right way to be considered prey and when he can catch it, it’s very satisfying to chew on. Moments before I secured myself inside, Blue had attacked the broom, yanked it from my hands, and dragged it down stairs in hopes I wouldn’t find him and his new toy.  Once I wrestled the broom free, I decided my best option to get any cleaning done was to lock Blue out and myself in.

Blue did not know quite what to make of this. He sat outside the puppy-gon, peering curiously inside, one eyebrow arched and head cocked to the side. Little did he know, roles would soon be reversed, as I attempted to sweep the rest of the room.

SOL Y2, D10 -Sun Showers

The wind whips through the trees

shaking the bare branches

clouds race across the sky

some heavy and black

unleashing torrents of rain

others light and wispy

allowing the sun to shine through

to dance across the wet pavement

to shimmer as light rain mists the sky

creating sun showers

that break up the gray