SOL Y2, D11: Inside the Puppy-gon

We’ve created a place for Blue to sleep and play when we’re away from home.  His trustworthiness is still circumspect, so he does not have full run of the house unsupervised. I call his space the “puppy-gon,” as it is an octagon shape and puppy-gon makes me smile.

This morning as I attempted to sweep up the debris that has become a constant part of our lives – dirt, leaves, small pieces of cardboard, torn up paper bags – you know, usual puppy detritus, I found myself inside the puppy-gon and Blue on the outside.

You see, Blue thinks the broom is a fantastic toy. It moves in just the right way to be considered prey and when he can catch it, it’s very satisfying to chew on. Moments before I secured myself inside, Blue had attacked the broom, yanked it from my hands, and dragged it down stairs in hopes I wouldn’t find him and his new toy.  Once I wrestled the broom free, I decided my best option to get any cleaning done was to lock Blue out and myself in.

Blue did not know quite what to make of this. He sat outside the puppy-gon, peering curiously inside, one eyebrow arched and head cocked to the side. Little did he know, roles would soon be reversed, as I attempted to sweep the rest of the room.


2 thoughts on “SOL Y2, D11: Inside the Puppy-gon

  1. I love the way you say “I secured myself inside.” It gives the idea that you are baricading yourself against something much more menacing than a puppy (even if he did “attack” the broom)!


  2. Ahhh, this made me smile. Puppies are a lot of work but somehow it doesn’t seem as tedious or trying as other day to day work. I bet that little arched eyebrow and cocked head just melts your heart!


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