SOL Y2, D9: Puppy Snuggles

As day began to break, Blue and I shuffled down the stairs so he could go out and go potty. Still waking up, Blue stumbled out the door and found our small piece of grass. “Such a good boy!” I exclaimed, enticing him back in the house with a little treat.

More awake now, Blue bounded up the stairs, eager for his breakfast. I grabbed his dish and began to fill it with kibble.  Blue’s body began to shake as he anticipated his morning meal. He sprinted to where we feed him and sat down like the good boy he is. And then he jumped and whined and turned in a circle, because, after all, he is a puppy, and meal time is his favorite. “Sit, wait.” He sat again and I set his bowl on the floor and before I could blink or walk away Blue was devouring his breakfast as if we hadn’t fed him in days. Breakfast gone in a flash.

After sniffing around to make sure he didn’t miss a single morsel, Blue sauntered over to where I sat cross-legged on the floor. He nuzzled his way under my arms and settled into my lap. So content to snuggle in and chew on his stuffed duck. What a perfect start to a dreary, wet Wednesday.


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