SOL Y2, D8: Set Back

My running and training has been going so well. I’ve been feeling strong, getting faster, and running is making me happy.

But I’ve had a little set back. Part way through my long training run this weekend my calf muscle began to hurt and by the end of the run I couldn’t even walk without wincing in pain. It felt defeating. And I was angry.

A few days have passed and my calf is still very sore, but not as sore. I’m taking some time to rest it so that I don’t have a permanent set back. As bummed as I am about this turn of events, I’m trying very hard to be patient. I’m trying to be good and give myself a break.

I know this is temporary, but I have to admit it’s challenging. I’ve been working so hard to get back to a happy place with running, and it feels like now that I’ve found it, I have to take a break. Here’s to hoping for healthy, happy legs by the end of the week!


5 thoughts on “SOL Y2, D8: Set Back

  1. Isn’t it always when we start to feel comfortable with something and we think we’re smooth sailing that we encounter obstacles? You show great perseverence! Hoping your “happy, healthy legs” return really soon 🙂


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