SOL Y2, D7: Furrari Dreams

Our puppy has outgrown the little dog crate we brought him home in a little over a month ago.  So, while I’ve been home I stole my parents’ dog’s crate that never gets used. To be more specific, I stole a “Furrari” (which just makes me giggle every time I think about it!).

So here is a little poem for Blue about his future in his Furrari (it’s really quite silly).

Furrari Dreams

I hop into my Furrari

speeding to my sleep

racing to reach dog dreamland

my favorite place to be.

My food bowl is always full and a treat is within reach

Tummy rubs abound, making me a happy hound

Tennis balls are plentiful and I can retrieve all day

The dirt is perfect for digging and there are so many sticks to chew

I jump through ocean waves and chase away the geese.

Adventure always awaits when

I hop into my Furrari.


3 thoughts on “SOL Y2, D7: Furrari Dreams

  1. I love your use of parenthesis here. I’m laughing with you and can totally see your gestures that would go along with this aside. What a sweet poem too. I felt like I was right there enjoying all of it with Blue and had to remind myself that it was all just a dream.


  2. I love the Furrari!! We just upgraded to a castle for our little girl gone big. She crawled in tonight with a new cushion and settled in for her sweet dreams. Thanks for writing about dog dreams.


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