SOL Y2, D4: Exhausted

It’s been a long week. Tiring physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Physically – I’ve logged a lot of miles in my running shoes. I’m getting faster again, I’m feeling stronger, and I’m so grateful for the time I can spend taking care of myself in this way. But at the end of the week, I’m also tired. My legs and body have worked hard. I’ve pushed myself up steep hills and in circles around a track at a faster pace than I’ve run in years. I’ve carried a growing, sleepy puppy upstairs to bed and chased a growing, crazy puppy around the yard. Physically, I’m spent.

Emotionally – My mom had surgery a week ago. Nothing crazy, but emotionally draining nonetheless. Taking over as caretaker for her and my dad (because she usually takes care of him) has been a new role for me.  And I’ve only seen my husband once this week. Between his job taking him away from home and me spending time with my parents, we just haven’t been in the same place. It’s all temporary, but it’s been a little draining.

Mentally – The days I did spend at work this week were jam-packed.  I worked with lots of teachers, most of them delightful. We had great and engaging conversations about book clubs and incorporating content into nonfiction reading. I got to step into classrooms and work with students who enthusiastically debated the pluses and minuses of plastic water bottles,students who noticed font choices in books and how those choice related to the plot, and students who compared main characters in books by the same author with astounding insight. All of that work was wonderful, but my brain feels a little depleted tonight.

I’m back at my parents for the next few days. But I’m hoping tonight to rest my legs, turn off my brain, and set aside my worries.


4 thoughts on “SOL Y2, D4: Exhausted

  1. Sounds like a packed, but rewarding week! I enjoyed your honest and detailed reflection of your days. It really captures the multitude of emotions and experiences life can offer us in just a week.


  2. The transition from child to care taker was one of the most draining, trying, and empowering periods of my life. Some things will suffer on a daily and weekly basis, but just as there is only one period when your kids are young and need you, there is only one time when your parents depend on you to help navigate their transition. Be patient with yourself and with them.


  3. Sometimes it’s nice to have work take our brains off everything else, even when it is exhausting. I hope that you get some well deserved rest while you are being caretaker and that you get more time with Kevin soon!


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