SOL Y2, D3: Puppy Love

At the beginning of February our family increased by 1…one adorable puppy, that is.

This is Blue Yosemite Calhoun Dog. Or, Blue, for short.


Isn’t he the cutest?

I am head over heels in love with this little guy. There is nothing better than coming home to puppy snuggles, kisses, and antics.

He is a constant source of delight from snoozing with snores that surely must come from a much bigger dog to finding shelves and nooks and crannies to place himself.

I keep telling my husband we’re going to need to build a very large shelf for when he gets older.

Puppy love. I’ve got it.

Now to get him to stop growing!

big blue.jpg



6 thoughts on “SOL Y2, D3: Puppy Love

  1. All the pictures are wonderful, but that last one shows him as he will look later it seems. He is beautiful! Love him on the shoe shelf too. Considering it’s a dog’s delight to chew shoes, looks like heaven to me.


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