SOL Day 30 – Dogs

This weekend I got to spend time with my parents’ dog and I was reminded how lovely having a dog is.

Since we had to say good bye to Dodger last spring, our life has been so different. In some ways it’s been easier. We can work long hours without feeling guilty. We can go on vacation without finding a house sitter or begging our parents to take him for the weekend. We can sleep late on Saturdays and Sundays if we choose. In short, we are free to do what we want, which has its perks. But in other ways it’s been challenging. No longer is there a happy face and wagging body waiting at the door to greet us. No longer is there nose in our laps checking to see if we have some pets to give away. No longer is there a friend to ensure we get out and exercise regardless of the weather or how tired we are. No longer is there a dog doing ridiculous things to make us laugh. No longer is there an intuitive dog there to make us smile when we’re having a bad day.

We will have another dog some day, of that I am sure. He or she won’t be Dodger but he or she will remind us to slow down, to smile, to seek out pets and tummy rubs, and to enjoy long walks.


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