SOL Day 29 – Soundtrack for Life

One of my favorite parts of taking longer drives is re-discovering the random compilation CDs that sit in my car. Whether I made them or one of my two best friends, I’m always tickled pink by what I find on each one. As I slip one in my CD player, I first wonder, what could be on this very aptly named disc – Random Disc 2?? And then I begin to smile as the first song begins because it reminds me of my first year living in the city I now call home. A song that got me through driving to and from work during my first year of teaching. Skipping ahead I find a tune that reminds me of college – a ski trip, a band performing in hideously wonderful 80s one-piece ski outfits, and my shirt that said “I lie to to boys.” Skip a little further and I find a Bare Naked Ladies song my sister introduced to me when she was in college that never fails to make me laugh.

I love how certain songs can take me right back to specific places, times, or people. Popping a CD in and heading out on the open road is definitely a drive down memory lane.


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