SOL Day 22 – The Early Morning

I went for a run this morning and at first I thought, “Wow, it’s so quiet.” There were very few cars and people out and the houses seemed to be asleep. But as I continued on my way I realized it wasn’t quiet at all. I heard small birds chirping, black crow cawing, seagulls squawking. I heard the gentle sound of waves lapping against the shore. There was the distant sound of trains working at the port. And of course my steady footfalls and evened breathing.

All the sounds were peaceful and I reflected on the calm of the early morning. I love the empty streets, the growing light, the stillness of it all. And spring mornings are the best. The flowers are blooming adding splashes of pink, yellow, red, purple, and white to the landscape. The air smells crisp and clean – it’s cool but not cold and wakes up the senses.

Some days it’s hard to convince myself to leave my warm bed and head out on a run. But I’m always happy once I’m out there and feel great when I return. Early mornings are wonderful.


5 thoughts on “SOL Day 22 – The Early Morning

  1. I have always wanted to be a runner. Your observations on your run this morning created a perfect prompt for your writing. Thank you for sharing this post. Maybe soon I will get motivated enough to put on my running shoes and get out there.


  2. The description of what you experienced on your run make me want to be where you are instead of in my snow covered neighborhood!! Beautifully written. I could see the flowers, feel the cool air. Thank you for sharing!!!!


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