SOL Day 15 – Grocery Bags

I love that my city has switched to requiring us to bring our own bags to the grocery store. It makes sense to me and I even remember my bags 99% of the time now. Which is why I often leave the grocery store so infuriated…I brought 4 bags with me and the checker decides to shove all my food into 2!

Food – crushed, scrunched, smashed, beaten up – it’s all so sad. I am tired of getting home to find my avocados on the bottom of the bag, squashed. I’m done with pulling out my bananas bruised and battered. I’m flabbergasted by why you’d put eggs in such a full grocery bag that the carton has nowhere to go but sideways, thus making it more likely to pop open in the process of pulling it out of the bag.

And the weight of it all! When all the groceries are crammed into 2 bags those 2 bags become extremely heavy. Granted I could probably benefit from a little weightlifting, my biceps could be more defined, toned. But I’d prefer to tone my arms at the gym or from push-ups than from trying to lug my groceries from the car to the house, up the stairs and into the kitchen.

So please, if I bring four bags, feel free to use them all. Me and my groceries will thank you.


4 thoughts on “SOL Day 15 – Grocery Bags

  1. Good one, Erika. I agree, why do they always try to conserve the number of bags they use especially since it’s no matter to them since we’ve already provided them with the required bags. It can be so irksome!


  2. I’ve found I have to tell them to pack the bags lightly if I want them to divide up the food evenly in my reusable bags. Otherwise, I end up with uber-heavy bags and smushed food.

    How great that your city has done this. I was recently in San Francisco where they charged people if they didn’t bring a bag to the store. I’m not sure that would ever fly here in Pennsylvania, but I’d love to see it happen!


  3. That sounds so frustrating. There are rumors that plastic grocery bags might get banned where I live. That would probably make me remember to bring my reusable ones. More often than not, I forget them and end up using the plastic ones.


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